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Event 1: Organisational design: does a new and better formula exist?

From the way patients access healthcare to how sales reps approach their roles, COVID-19 noticeably impacted the Life Sciences sector. As the world slowly returns to normality, how do we as an industry deal with the lasting effects of the pandemic?

We recently assembled a group of the most inspiring leaders in the Life Sciences sector to discuss and debate what comes next with regard to team building, organisational structure, product delivery and more.

This guide contains:

– Insights into the sector from leading industry figures
– Key criteria for you to assess your organisational set-up against
– A look into how some of the best organisations are rebuilding their team, roles and responsibilities first post.

Here is what you can expect to learn about:

  • New ways of working 
  • Evolving team structures 
  • Established versus biotech 
  • Launching in 2021 
  • Should a GM have market access expertise?
  • The risks and rewards of external contractors
  • Account management is key to success


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