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A mid-sized, well-established pharma company needed to rebuild its medical team across Europe, including multiple top-level positions. Looking to expand its footprint and open a new commercial function, our client needed a partner that understood the industry, had good connections in the region, and was primed to deliver both key shared operational functions and clinical staff.


Links built a custom team dedicated to supporting the client through such a pivotal moment in its growth. Focusing on bringing in the right expertise and cultural fit, Links was able to deliver X positions throughout the business rapidly.


  • Rebuilt medical team across Europe from leadership to in-country affiliate level-positions including: VP of Medical for Europe, Medical Director, Final Signatories, Medical Managers and Medical Advisors
  • Built new commercial function for specialty launches including Head of Commercial in Europe, Head of Marketing for Europe, and product specialist Marketing Leads
  • Appointed a new Financial Director, with the goal for the position to become CFO within 18 months

“The Links team helped us rebuild the whole of our medical team, from the helm downwards.  We needed a significant volume of positions fulfilled and they were of a seniority that posed a risk to our continued operations. Links always provided us with a strong shortlist of candidates that were a great cultural fit.  As a result, we built an exceptional team, quickly, that strongly underpins the rest of the organisation and not only solved our operational challenges but gave us a platform to expand.” – HR Director


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