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2022 was a great year! Finally, we got back to some normality and were pleased to spend more face-to-face time with our network.

We’ve continued to cement relationships with longstanding clients, forged new partnerships with more clients than ever and continued our focus on truly pioneering organisations commercialising innovative medicines.

Last year, we were delighted to announce the expansion of our executive interim offering, which has continued to grow, providing our clients access to the best flexible talent across the market.  

Our Leadership in Biotech events go from strength to strength.  We hosted informal gatherings in collaboration with @NeoHealthHub, and were joined by vast numbers of new contacts this year. These events receive superb feedback and are truly a great way to connect with peers across the sector.

We ran our seventh bi-annual Women In BioPharma Leadership event in May, discussing our inner critic and how best to navigate it.  In November, we met virtually to discuss powerful persuasion and how to build our influence through positive communication. We look forward to continuing this unique programme with our partners @Cormis.

 “There appears to be real excitement and buzz in the pharma/biotech industry at the moment.  While the past few years have been a challenge, there now seems to be really exciting opportunities out there with more investment flowing in, more drugs being developed to address unmet patient needs, and new companies being set up.  A lot of the larger corporates are being increasingly and effectively challenged in terms of how to work, structure and launch products.  People are more focused than ever on getting the right balance in their lives of synergistic professional development within the right company culture/values.  Company brand and how you attract/engage with the best people and retain/develop them has never been so important.  Some organisations are starting to gain real competitive advantage in doing things differently, while others are sticking to stale formulas.  What happens over the next 12 months will be very interesting!”

Michael Harvey – Co-Founder

If you are planning new hires this year or need advice on to navigate the job market then please do get in touch, our highly experienced team are always on hand to assist.

Wishing all our network the very best for a successful and happy 2023 😊

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