Following the continued success of our networking programme we were delighted to announce our 4th Women in BioPharma Leadership event. This event brought together 50 senior women who work in the biotech and pharma sector. As always, our aim is to encourage networking and the sharing of ideas among peers who are progressing their careers within the industry

On this occasion we were delighted to welcome a panel of senior industry leaders – Nicola Massey, Melissa Thomas and Yana Ignatova – who led and facilitated a group discussion around the subject of ‘Organisational Change’. We aimed to provide attendees with practical advice when delivering and receiving news around organisational change – if you would like to read a summary of the outputs of our session, please do get in touch.

Please note that our WBL events are invitation only, if you would like to be contacted about future sessions – please get in touch with Abby Brook-Carter, abby@linkslifesciences.co.uk